Sunday November 20, 2016

Windows Cmd.Exe Deposed By Powershell

Is Microsoft planning to replace the command prompt with PowerShell? Probably, although it isn’t set in stone yet. Those with the latest preview build should be able to see the change.

"In an effort to bring the best command line experiences to the forefront for all power users, PowerShell is now the de facto command shell from File Explorer," said Dona Sarkar, software engineer in Microsoft's Windows and devices group, in a blog post. "It replaces Command Prompt (aka 'cmd.exe') in the WIN + X menu, in File Explorer's File menu, and in the context menu that appears when you shift-right-click the whitespace in File Explorer." Typing "cmd" in File Explorer's address bar (or the more obvious "powershell") will launch PowerShell at that location. The Command Prompt isn't dead yet, however. Committed traditionalists can disable the change through the Taskbar menu.