Sunday November 20, 2016

US Government Releases Official Guidelines For Smart Guns

Recommended guidelines defining the minimum technical requirements law enforcement agencies expect from smart guns have now been finalized. As suggested by the draft released in July, smart guns (obviously) should be designed only to fire when held by an authorized person, and security features must be a permanent part of the weapon.

آ…most of the guidelines are about what smart gun security features can't do -- impair operation or increase time needed to draw, holster or fire the weapon. If a firearm's security features are malfunctioning, they also need to default to unlocking the weapon. If that sounds pretty lax, it's supposed to be: the department says the project is designed to spur the growth of gun safety technology without limiting innovation by choosing a standard too soon. As nice as it is to see these guidelines developed, it's important to remember that they're optional: this is a voluntary list of specifications.