Sunday November 20, 2016

AMD Is Not Limiting Color Depth On HDMI 2.0

Apparently, some sites were accusing AMD cards of erroneously limiting HDR color depth via HDMI 2.0 when, um, that standard (unlike DP) simply doesn’t provide the amount of bandwidth required for 4:4:4 at appreciable framerates. I just wish they’d get rid of HDMI for the flimsy connector.

آ…HDMI is holding modern display technology back, first limiting 4K TVs to 30Hz while we waited for HDMI 2.0 and now limiting 4K HDR to a chroma sampled content while we wait for the next iteration of the standard. HDMI has long held back displays while DisplayPort has always been there to offer additional bandwidth for the displays of tomorrow, rather than just the displays of yesterday. It is baffling that the display community has not abandoned HDMI for DisplayPort, especially since DisplayPort is a royalty-free standard.