Saturday November 19, 2016

More Intel Coffee Lake Chip Details Leaked Ahead Of 2018 Launch

The 14nm process refinement continues with Coffee Lake, and new information suggests that the lineup will comprise four series: U and H for laptops and mobiles, and S and X for desktops. The X, S, and H series are expected to have 6 cores.

Coffee Lake chips for mobile devices, meanwhile, are 14nm chips that are coming in early 2018 and they’re expected to come in 15 watt, 28 watt, and 45 watt variants. Desktop versions are likely to have even higher TDPs. And now has uncovered some additional details about the upcoming Coffee Lake chips. Intel is expected to release Coffee Lake-U and Coffee Lake-H series chips for laptops and other mobile devices, as well as Coffee Lake-S and X series processors for desktops. One of the most intriguing changes it the addition of 6-core processors in the Coffee Lake-X, S, and H series processors, potentially in an attempt to better compete with rival AMD’s upcoming Zen chips (which will be available with up to 8 CPU cores).