Saturday November 19, 2016

Hard Drive Stats For Q3 2016: Less Is More

Backblaze is back with new reliability stats. I would think that any broad conclusions are debatable due to inconsistency of disk counts between manufacturers despite posted failure rate percentages, but the company does point out that the 8TB Seagates they have adopted seem promising.

The Seagate 8 TB drives are doing very well. Their annualized failure rate compares favorably to the HGST 2 TB hard drives. With the average age of the HGST drives being 66 months, their failure rate was likely to rise, simply because of normal wear and tear. The average age of the Seagate 8 TB hard drives is just 3 months, but their 1.6% failure rate during the first few months bodes well for a continued low failure rate going forward.