Saturday November 19, 2016

Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan Hits New Milestone

A project determined to bring Direct3D 9 (D3D9) over to the Vulkan API is steadily making progress. While all work is being done on Windows, VK9 is designed for cross-platform support with Vulkan.

The project is known as VK9, an open-source project formerly known as SchaeferGL. It may not be as exciting as seeing D3D11/D3D12 being implemented over Vulkan, but hey, still a nifty project that could potentially impact Linux Wine users and an alternative to Gallium3D's "Nine" state tracker. آ…Multiple vertex buffers are working. آ…at the start of the summer he was just bringing up basic geometry support and prior to that really wasn't rendering anything with Vulkan. While progress is being made, he appears committed to reaching his personal goals and the road-map does realistically acknowledge it might not implement all D3D9 functionality until 2020.