Saturday November 19, 2016

Apple May Be Throttling Verizon iPhone 7 LTE Performance

Tests are showing that the Verizon iPhone 7 is performing similarly to the AT&T iPhone 7 even though it can reach higher data transfer speeds. Apple, however, is adamant that all versions perform nearly identically.

The Verizon (and Sprint) iPhone 7 models use different LTE hardware than the AT&T (and T-Mobile) iPhone 7 models, adopting a Qualcomm LTE modem instead of an Intel LTE modem. The hardware from Qualcomm is capable of maximum theoretical download speeds of 600Mb/s, while the Intel LTE modem tops out at 450Mb/s, but the Qualcomm-equipped Verizon iPhone 7 is only marginally outperforming the AT&T iPhone 7. Researchers believe Apple may be hobbling the Verizon iPhone 7 by not taking advantage of "a crucial component," thereby ensuring all models of the iPhone 7 perform at a similar level.