Wednesday November 16, 2016

What About The Ethics Of VR Sex?

Honestly, I totally thought this story was going to go a different direction. Instead, the whole thing swerved out of control almost immediately, veered off the VR cliff and crashed and burned a in "virtual reality is the devil" pit.

But the ethical issues that arise around sex and VR go far beyond just virtual assault. They include concerns around the type of sexual content that will be created آ— from nonconsensual pornography that allows you to have virtual sex with celebrity avatars to sexual encounters with simulated virtual children. There are questions around just what would constitute infidelity in this new ultra-immersive world, both when it comes to single- and multi-player experiences. And, some say, there is the very real possibility that VR sex will become so technologically advanced that it is actually preferable to real world sex.