Wednesday November 16, 2016

EA CEO On Everything From Diversity To The Future Of Games

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson sat down for an interview with The Verge and discussed a wide variety of topics. Everything from VR and e-sports to diversity in gaming and what you might see on the front page of a digital storefront in 2021.

As we think about representation inside games, what is the most important thing for us, like it is in movies and books and TV and all other forms of entertainment, is to really capture the true nature of the community that’s engaging in that content. When you look at some of our games today, you see that we have strong female leads, we have strong black leads, we have strong Latino leads, we have young leads to older leads. It’s really important as we design games, and that wasn’t really any mandate that we made as a company, and it won’t be any mandate that we make going forward.