Monday November 14, 2016

Should We Ban Killer Robots?

I think we all know how I feel about robots. I don't want to just ban the killer robots, I want to ban ALL robots! Why wait until they are killing machines, we need to ban them when they are in the roomba stage, round them all up and put them in the recycling machine before they do that to us.

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The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots was formed in 2012 by an international group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Since then, we've seen robots kill in warfare, law enforcement, manufacturing accidents, and more. Killer robots aren't always bad -- they are even being put to work killing invasive species in order to save the oceans. But these aren't the robots that the Campaign is targeting. The missing word here is autonomous. The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is specifically working to ban fully autonomous weapons.