Saturday November 12, 2016

Star Wars: Episode 9 To Be Shot On 65mm Film

Most sites are reporting that this will result in a more detailed and colorful movie, which is probably true, but this also pretty much guarantees we will get excellent transfers for UHDآ—even 8K, if the need arises. In contrast to this are the prequels, which I think were shot and finished in 2K, which basically means any of the inevitable 4K releases will be upscales.

So what is 65mm film, exactly? Well the name refers to the width of the actual film cell, and shooting on 65mm film allows the filmmaker to capture a much larger frame with much higher quality. Images that may look a little grainy on 35mm will look pristine in 65mm. Johnson actually considered shooting Episode VIII in 65mm but, due to logistical reasons, had to stick with 35. It’s possible those logistical reasons were a lack of film processing facilities in the U.K., where the Star Wars movies are based, but with Kodak now ready and willing to process 65mm, new avenues have opened up.