Saturday November 12, 2016

Final Fantasy XV Audi R8 Can Be Yours For $470000

I always thought that the R8 was an ugly car, but Square Enix has managed to make it look even weirder with floral designs. It’s probably worth noting that a regular R8 costs around $300,000 lessآ—why not just get a black one and hire a bodyshop?

After spending what seems like forever in development, Final Fantasy XV is actually getting released later this month. After announcing a number of special edition packages for the game, including a $270 Ultimate Collector’s Edition, developer Square Enix has one last unique item for die-hard fans of the RPG series: an actual, real-world FF15-themed car. But it’s not just any car, it’s a one-of-a-kind Audi R8 with an asking price of $470,000.