Tuesday November 08, 2016

Say Hi To Sponsored Messages In Facebook Messenger

Say "hi" to sponsored messages in Facebook Messenger? More like say "goodbye" to Messenger. Why in the world would anyone want companies spamming you via Messenger? Personally, I think that any company that thinks this is a good idea is just plain wasting its money. If you want to see your customers turn against you, start spamming them with unsolicited messages.

As early as this week, you may start to see ads in your News Feed that enable you to click straight into a Messenger conversation with a company. Perhaps the biggest change for you, though, is that if you've struck up a conversation with a brand in the past, it can pay to send you sponsored messages, effectively advertising to you directly through your Messenger inbox. Facebook emphasized that users will have control over the interactions. If a company attempts to re-engage you in conversation and you aren't interested, you can block it.