Tuesday November 08, 2016

AMD Announces Availability of Radeon Pro WX Series Graphics Cards

AMD today announced the availability of the Radeonآ™ Pro WX Series of graphics cards, the company's powerful, new workstation graphics solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of creative professionals. The Radeonآ™ Pro WX Series professional graphics cards are designed around a number of transformational inflection points that are dramatically changing the way content is created, including the rise of real-time game engines in professional settings, the emergence of virtual reality, the popularity of new low-overhead APIs (such as DirectXآ® 12 and Vulkanآ™), and the rise of open-source tools and applications. The Radeon Pro WX Series represents a revolutionary approach for professionals rooted in a commitment to open, non-proprietary software and high performing, feature-rich hardware that empowers people to truly create "the art of the impossible."