Sunday November 06, 2016

Steve Ballmer Says Smartphones Strained His Relationship With Bill Gates

Ballmer is back in the news again after an interview with Bloomberg, where he shares more insight into his time at Microsoft. He claims his relationship with Gates took a negative turn over hardware, who supposedly wanted his company to stick to software, and wishes he got into handsets and tablets earlier.

Ballmer, now owner of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers, told Bloomberg Television's Emily Chang, that he and Gates have "drifted apart" partly due to a disagreement over whether Microsoft should make its own handsets and tablets. "It was definitely not a simple thing for either one of us," he said. There was a "little bit of a difference in opinion on the strategic direction of the company." آ…"There was a fundamental disagreement about how important it was to be in the hardware business," Ballmer said. "I had pushed Surface. The board had been a little -- little reluctant in supporting it. And then things came to a climax around what to do about the phone business."