Sunday November 06, 2016

PS4 Pro With HDR And 4K: "The Biggest Improvement Since B&W Went Color"

Talk about some serious hyperboleآ—or is it? How many of you are getting a PS4 Pro specifically for HDR? I ended up springing for a slim PS4 off the Target sale since I am still not convinced the Pro will deliver anything too substantial (and the $218 price was awesome), but I am ready to be proven wrong once the embargo lifts tomorrow.

To experience true Ferrari red, you need a PlayStation 4 Pro. At least, that's what Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi reckons. Is that too shallow a reason to spend a premium over the a regular PS4? Sure, I can see that the red in the Pro edition of the upcoming Gran Turismo Sportآ—as displayed on a high-end, 4K HDR-compatible TVآ—is redder than the version shown on a standard PS4. But does it make the game better? آ…spending آ£350/$400 on a PS4 Pro (plus a few hundred more on a compatible HDR TV if you don't already have one) just to see a redder Ferrari is a tad superfluous. But there definitely is a difference, and a noticeable one at that.