Sunday November 06, 2016

Adobe Working On Audio App That Lets You Add Words Someone Never Said

Photoshop for audio is coming. The company's Project VoCo software is able to "understand the makeup of a person’s voice and replicate it." I predict that people are going to have a lot of fun with this oneآ…

"When recording voiceovers, dialog, and narration, people would often like to change or insert a word or a few words due to either a mistake they made or simply because they would like to change part of the narrative," reads an official Adobe statement. "We have developed a technology called Project VoCo in which you can simply type in the word or words that you would like to change or insert into the voiceover. The algorithm does the rest and makes it sound like the original speaker said those words." So similar to how Photoshop ushered in a new era of editing and image creation, this tool could transform how audio engineers work with sound, polish clips, and clean up recordings and podcasts.