Saturday November 05, 2016

Windows Switching To Differential Patching For Leaner, Quicker Updates

Microsoft’s new "Unified Update Platform" will not only reduce the sizes of updates but also speed up the scanning process of whether your system needs new patches. I wonder if there will be a side effect of updates becoming more frequent and aggressive.

Major Windows 10 updates, including this summer's Anniversary Update and next year's Creators Update, are distributed as essentially full operating system installs. The downloads are around 4GB, and installing them performs a complete in-place upgrade to Windows. That is set to change as Microsoft rolls out what it calls its Unified Update Platform (UUP). Major upgrades will be shipped as differential updates, where only the differences between the currently installed version and the newly installed version need to be downloaded. The company estimates that this will result in major version upgrades being around 35 percent smaller.