Friday November 04, 2016

FSP Displaying Slimmest Universal Power Adapter At electronica 2016

FSP, the performance power specialist, is eager to demonstrate its commitment to the latest developments in technology showcased at electronica 2016. FSP will display the FSP060-D1AR4: the thinnest C14 AC socket USB type-C power adapter in the world. Only 77.3 x 92 x 25.4mm and 215g, this high-output yet very compact adapter can power almost everything from mobile phones to full workstations. The large size of some "power bricks" can create big trouble for users when transporting and setting up their electronics. The onrush of new embedded technology and IoT gadgets require a new, better standard in power solutions. By shrinking this component to the diminutive dimensions of the FSP060-D1AR4, one flexible adapter can support many types of device and simplify the lives of both suppliers and consumers. Adopting the latest, reversible type-C connector prevents accidental damage from upside-down connection آ– a problem widespread with the old type-A connectors.