Friday November 04, 2016

Blizzard Entertainment Establishes Professional Sports League for Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment, to the surprise of absolutely no one, announced earlier today that it has created the Overwatch League, a professional sports league for Overwatch.

Overwatchآ®, Blizzard Entertainment’s blockbuster team-based shooter, is now over 20 million players strong, and among that number are a new generation of sports heroes. With more and more players continuing to distinguish themselves in the game, Blizzard Entertainment today announced the creation of the Overwatch Leagueآ—a world-class sports ecosystem for professional Overwatch competition. Combining Blizzard’s esports pedigree with the best practices of major professional sports, the Overwatch League will focus on long-term stability for teams as well as opportunities for players to establish the types of professional careers associated with traditional sports.