Tuesday November 01, 2016

Senator Concerned AT&T - Time Warner Merger May Create Net Neutrality Violations

It looks like AT&T and Time Warner might need to start making some campaign contributions soon or these guys aren't going to let up. What? You don't think that's how this works?

Well, that didn’t take long: Although the formal paperwork to make the AT&T / Time Warner merger happen hasn’t yet been filed anywhere for review and approval, several lawmakers have already been out in front of it voicing their sternest disapproval. Joining the club today? Sen. Ron Wyden (OR), who’s asking the FCC to please think of net neutrality, and consumers, when it comes time for merger review. In his letter (PDF) to the FCC, Wyden says that he’s deeply worried that the proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner is basically rife with the potential for "anti-competitive practices that harm consumers."