Tuesday November 01, 2016

Intelligent Micro-Machines Swarm Out of Sci-Fi, Into GTCs

Robots that count cattle from the sky. Smart cameras that fly themselves. Plug-and-play, GPU-powered brains that turn drones into robots that are as home in your house as they are in the open skies. This isn’t science-fiction. It’s the robots on display at this year’s lineup of global GPU Technology Conferences. From Europe to Asia, we put together a showcase of some of the most innovative, smart and breathtaking smart-machines on the planet. Thanks to our Jetson embedded platform, the power of deep learning and the AI revolution kickstarted by GPUs, these devices are becoming as intelligent as they are compact. Each GTC was packed with researchers, companies and startups talking about how they’re using deep learning and GPUs to push the boundaries of embedded technology.