Monday October 31, 2016

Deep Learning Baby Monitor Keeps an Eye on Your Crib

Studies have shown that the risk of SIDS increases in infants who sleep on their stomachs, but it’s not always possible for parents to monitor their infant’s sleep. As an engineer in search of a solution, Lui’s instinct was to turn to technology. Using NVIDIA DIGITS, the Caffe deep learning framework and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, Lui started building BabbyCam, a baby monitor based in deep learning. Initially, Lui trained the machine to determine if a baby was present in its crib, developing its recognition ability by feeding it thousands of downloaded images. He then trained it to distinguish whether the baby was on its stomach, and from there created the activity labels of "no baby," "baby asleep," "baby awake," "baby crying" and "face covered." آ Parents can enable email and text alerts for any of the latter four.