Thursday October 27, 2016

This Guy Has the Fastest Home Internet In The US

What would you do with a 10 Gbps residential internet connection? Come on, you can tell the truth (porn). Hell, with 10 Gbps download speed, you could download all the porn on the internet in no time.

I met with James Buschآ—a radiologist and the proud owner of what I am almost certain is the first 10 Gbps residential connection in the United Statesآ—at a coffee shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I told him about my trials and tribulations with Time Warner Cable in New York City, and he tried to drum up some empathy from a distant past in which he used to send medical imaging studies on a T1 line in Boston. I reminded him that most of us were still on dialup at the time. And then I raised the point that his family alone is living in our blazing fast future.