Thursday October 27, 2016

Amazon To Eventually Open As Many As 2,000 Grocery Stores

I'm going to make a prediction. I am going to say that, after the twenty store pilot program fails miserably, Amazon will scrap this whole plan. That may not be a popular opinion, but that's what I think is going to happen. How do you think this is all going to go down?

Earlier this month, all-powerful "sources familiar with the matter" claimed that Amazon was on the verge of opening bricks-and-mortar convenience stores and offering curbside pickup. Now, a new report indicates that the e-tailer plans to start small, opening 20 physical grocery stores over the next two years, but ultimately expects to have thousands of stores nationwide. Business Insider, citing documents from Amazon, reports that the e-commerce giant will open up to 2,000 grocery store locations over the next decade as part of its plan to enter the physical grocery market.