Wednesday October 26, 2016

Dealing With Harassment In VR

The developers of QuiVr have come up with a simple solution for people that feel they are being harassed in their game called a Personal Bubble. With your own "superpower" activated, other players dissolve as they get close to you making it impossible to virtually "touch" anyone.

Now, though, activating your Personal Bubble is more like engaging your own superpower. You can still turn it on via the settings, but you can also activate it by what we’re calling a "power gesture" آ– putting your hands together, pulling both triggers, and pulling them apart as if you are creating a force field. No matter how you activate it, the effect is instantaneous and obvious آ– a ripple of force expands from you, dissolving any nearby player from view, at least from your perspective, and giving you a safety zone of personal space.