Monday October 24, 2016

Intel Quietly Delays 3DXPoint Memory Modules

According to this article, Intel has 'quietly' delayed the introduction of 3DXPoint memory. Most of you will remember that, when we reported on Intel's 3DXPoint technology last year, the company was expecting to ship in 2016 built on a 2-layer, 20nm process in a 128Gbit package. Now that Intel is saying that 3DXPoint memory modules require Cannonlake-EP to work, a late 2018 / early 2019 date is more realistic.

On the Purley platform we're actually starting to sample those products already to some of the leading-edge customers. And they're seeing not only just an overall TCO performance advantage that we typically see with each one of these but this also continues our integration of things like the omni-path fabric, it has more integration of the silicon photonics so it's still the adjacency functions that are quite strong, and they will get more and better as we go through each one of these. There will be a second generation of Purley that includes 3DXPoint. If Intel's upcoming 3DXPoint memory modules require Cannonlake-EP to work, then investors should realistically expect that Intel won't be selling those modules until either late 2018 or in the first half of 2019. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it were the former, as I'm expecting the latter.