Saturday October 22, 2016

Samsung 8GB Micro-RAM Headed For Mobile

Having 4GB of RAM in a flagship device should be old news soon, as Samsung is ready to offer twice that much in LPDDR4 form. Thanks to a 10nm process, these only take up 15 x 15 x 1 mm and can be stacked above or under other chips.

We should start seeing 8GB appearing as standard in flagship mobile phones soon thanks to Samsung’s new silicon that packs 8GB of DRAM in a single tiny package. The RAM uses LPDDR4 technology and the 10nm process. The arrival of 64-bit processors has allowed phone RAM to increase beyond 4GB but few manufacturers could be bothered. Even Samsung passed on it. However, now it seems that with the new generation of RAM Samsung thinks it is worthwhile and will be jumping directly from 4 to 8GB by next year. LPDDR4 is currently the fastest type of low power memory in the mobile market. Samsung says it is the same as PC-class DDR4 RAM and has twice the speed, operating at 4,266 Mbps, versus the PC’s 2,133 Mbps.