Saturday October 22, 2016

LG Reportedly Abandoning Modular Phone Strategy After One Try

Those of you with high hopes for modular phones can only count on Motorola now, as LG is giving up on the concept like Google did with their Ara project. LG’s current G5 phone lets you add modules that include camera and DAC add-ons, but the G6 will supposedly drop all of that.

LG seemed to have big plans for its G5 phone, with a nice collection of modules out of the gate and the promise of an ecosystem. We liked some things about the phone, but also found a lot of compromises thanks to the modular design. In June we learned that the phone wasn't doing very well, partly due to the complication of building it... and due to the fact that nobody really wants a modular phone. Then in September Google cancelled Project Ara, so that modular dream is dead. Now that LG has given up on the G5, the (actually good) Moto Z now owns this not-the-greatest-idea-in-the-first-place market.