Saturday October 22, 2016

Director Tim Miller, Ryan Reynolds Part Company On "Deadpool 2"

Tim Miller seems like a pretty talented guy, considering Deadpool was his first major movie, which not only got positive reviews but ended up being the highest-grossing R-rated feature ever. Too bad he won’t be coming back for the sequel since he and Deadpool himself aren’t seeing eye to eye. But while they are citing creative differences, I get the sense there is a monetary struggle somewhere.

After a series of creative differences between Deadpool director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds, Miller has exited Deadpool 2. He hadn’t formally signed a deal to continue, but he was developing the script and by all accounts had planned to return behind the camera for a film Fox will release in 2018. I’ve confirmed from studio insiders this exit was over mutual creative differences, but this all ended amicably and the studio is very high on Miller and the expectation is the filmmaker will jump right into another big Fox project: Influx, an adaptation of the Daniel Suarez novel that has a Mark Bomback script and is expected to launch a film trilogy.