Thursday October 20, 2016

Gigabyte GTX 1070 Xtreme Gaming 8 GB

Another review of Gigabyte's GTX 1070 Xtreme Gaming 8GB has popped up on the internet today. This time around it is the crew from techPowerUP doing the reviewing. So what did they think of this card? Here's a quote from the full review:

The Gigabyte GTX 1070 Xtreme Gaming is one of the highest clocked GTX 1070 variants available at this time, running at a base clock of 1671 MHz out of the box, memory is overclocked too. As a result the card is the fastest GTX 1070 we tested so far, gaining 7% in performance against the reference design. This brings it closer to GTX 1080, which is still 12% ahead though. Besides that, there really is no noteworthy competition against the GTX 1070, the AMD R9 Fury X is far behind, over 20%.