Tuesday October 18, 2016

Google Studying Diversity Gaps in Computer Science

A new multi-year study (PDF) commissioned by Google examined the diversity gaps and demographic inequalities in computer science. The 44 page report is a lengthy read, but well worth the time if you are interested in what impact role models, TV and computer access have on students’ experience with computer science.

Google commissioned Gallup to conduct a multiyear, comprehensive research effort with the goal of better understanding computer science perceptions, access and learning opportunities among underrepresented groups in the U.S., such as female, Black and Hispanic students. This report presents the results from Year 2 of this multiyear study among seventh- to 12th-grade students, parents of seventh- to 12th-grade students, and elementary through high school teachers, principals and superintendents. It focuses on the structural and social barriers underrepresented groups face at home, in schools and in society that could influence their likelihood to enter the computer science field.