Monday October 17, 2016

Is The Self-Driving Car Un-American?

I don't know about being un-American but self-driving cars sure would take the fun out of driving. And what about emergencies? Will your self-driving car rush you to the hospital? Who is at fault when your car BSoDs and causes an accident? I think this sums things up nicely:

Because driverless cars are programmed to never break (or even bend) traffic laws, they will never go more than ten miles over the speed limit, even when you’re rushing to the hospital and your daughter’s face is turning blue. You will never take a turn a little too hard, causing that little droopy feeling in your gut. You will never do doughnuts, never peel out, never gun your engine. The shared experience of American adolescence آ— much of it spent in cars, acquiring a nuanced understanding of when, and how, it is okay to break certain rules آ— will simply vanish.