Sunday October 16, 2016

New Red Dead Announcement Teased By Rockstar Games

Rockstar sent out a tweet this morning that seems to allude to something related to Red Dead Redemption. With murmurs of a sequel in the works, many are assuming that an official announcement might be coming.

News Image

Rockstar Games is teasing an announcement with a red version of its iconic logo. The studio's Twitter, Facebook, and official website all now prominently feature the logo below, instead of its traditional black and yellow or white one. The Rockstar Newswire, where the studio delivers the latest announcements, also features the image. The color red was a key component of Red Dead Redemption's visual aesthetic, most noticeably used in promotional artwork for the game. This has led to speculation that the announcement will be related to its critically acclaimed Western series. It is unclear, however, whether it will be a remastered or re-released version of Red Dead Redemption, or a completely new game.