Sunday October 16, 2016

Google Will Show Different Search Results To Mobile And Desktop Users In Coming Months

Terrible news for those of you who hate looking up information on your phones: Google is changing things up so desktop users will have outdated search results. I have no idea why you would do this unless you were deliberately hating on non-mobile users.

Although Illyes did not give an indication of exactly when the mobile index will launch in his conference speech, he later spoke with Search Engine Land and said that it would be within "months". It means that mobile and desktop searchers will end up seeing different results. Google is not just launching the mobile search index to run alongside its desktop index, it will become the primary index. While Google is clearly placing a great deal of focus on mobile traffic here, quite what the implications are for websites is not yet clear. While it could certainly be argued that people searching from their mobiles need the most up to date information, desktop searchers may well feel they're getting a raw deal by being delivered results from an index that is less up to date.