Saturday October 15, 2016

Verizon's "Unlimited" PopData Scheme Is All Kinds Of BS

Hooray! Verizon has brought back unlimited data! Oh wait, they expect you to pay $2 for 30 minutes or $3 for an hour of it.

...Verizon's unlimited PopData isn't a conventional data plan with unlimited use. No, it's a pass that you can buy for a limited amount of time with unlimited data. Want to stream video or download a big file without worrying about going over your cap? Well no problem, Verizon customer - just pay Big Red two bucks through the carrier app, and you can binge worry-free for all of thirty minutes. If you have to something to take care of that's a little bigger, an hour of unlimited access can be yours for the low, low price of $3. It's basically taking a paid airport Wi-Fi model and applying it to your data plan. On your Verizon phone. That you already pay for.