Saturday October 15, 2016

U.S. Residents Who Bought First-Model PlayStation 3 May Be Able To Claim Settlement

Sony will be paying up for their decision to remove the "Other OS" option from the original PS3, which allowed you to install other operating systems such as Linux. I believe this was previously reported, but you couldn’t file a claim until now. Like anyone still has their receipt from something they bought in 2006آ…

آ…a class-action lawsuit that had emerged over the removal of the feature settled. Though Sony Computer Entertainment of America claims zero wrongdoing, any U.S. resident who bought an original-model PlayStation 3 between November 1, 2006 (a few weeks before the console's release date) and April 10, 2010 is entitled to a settlement of varying amounts, depending on how much proof they provide: if you can prove you actually used the Other OS option on your PlayStation 3, you can receive a $55 payment. If you simply mention that you intended to use your console's Other OS option but didn't, perceived the feature as a value-add, or felt the unit lost value when the feature was removed, you can claim $9.