Saturday October 15, 2016

PSVR Launch Sales To Be In The "Hundreds Of Thousands"

Sony’s VR effort is supposedly a raging success already, and production is being ramped up to meet demand. If you splurged on one already, let us know what you think. I am personally holding off my purchase until the release of the PS4 Pro, which is supposed to give a better VR experience.

In a SuperData VR report released in March, the market research company estimated 2.6 million units of PSVR would be sold by the end of 2016. This week, according to VR Focus, it updated the report stating the demand for PSVR could ramp up in November once PlayStation 4 Pro is released. This is assuming that many consumers are waiting on buying the headset until the upgraded console is released. If so, there could possibly be shortages at retail come November, and with manufacturing having proved an issue with Sony in the past, it’s possible there will be plenty of folks rather disappointed in Santa come Christmas morning.