Saturday October 15, 2016

40 Percent Now Say They Won't Buy Another Samsung Phone

Welp. It sounds like a good number of customers don’t intend to forgive Samsung and will be moving on to other brands. The good news is that more Janes and Joes may finally experience non-bastardized versions of Android, such as on the Pixel.

Branding Brand, the world’s leading mobile e-commerce platform, conducted its second survey of 1,000 Samsung smartphone owners from October 11-12 to compare consumer confidence to its earlier study, conducted on September 23. The survey also measured increasing interest in the other phone brands, including the new Google Pixel. 30% of current Samsung smartphone consumers say they’ve only ever owned that brand of phone. Of those switching from Samsung smartphones: 8% will buy a Google Pixel (new since original survey). 30% will switch to iPhone (down from 34%). 62% will go with another Android phone (up from 57%).