Friday October 14, 2016

Facebook and Google Will Stretch Internet Cable from LA to Hong Kong

Just imagine how fast you'll be able to "like" something on Facebook at 120 terabits-per-second. eek! Don't get too excited just yet, the cable won't come online until 2018.

Today, alongside partners in Asia, the two Internet giants announced they will build the longest and highest capacity undersea fiber-optic cable between the two continents. Once completed, the Pacific Light Cable Networkآ—PLCN for shortآ—will stretch 8,000 miles from Los Angeles to Hong Kong with an estimated capacity of 120 terabits-per-second. That’s about twice the capacity of the Oregon-to-Japan cable "Faster," which Google recently launched with several telco partners. Construction of the new cable will begin this year, and it should come online in 2018.