Thursday October 13, 2016

Netflix Now Only Has 31 Movies From IMDB’s Top 250 List

It's fairly well known that Netflix's movie library has shrunk recently but I didn't realize it was this bad. I mostly use Netflix to binge watch shows I've missed out on and original content, so maybe that's why I didn't notice the lack of decent movies on the service. Then again, I didn't even know there was an IMDB Top 250 List either.

Well, it’s a pretty common fact at this point that Netflix’s library is shrinking. Of course, what Netflix needs to do as it shrinks its licensed movie library is make sure the movies it does have are good ones. But according to our analysis, it’s going backwards, unfortunately. A while back we noticed a post from this Reddit member who, two years ago, cross-referenced the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) top 250 movies list with Netflix’s movie library to find out how many of the top movies Netflix carried.