Thursday October 13, 2016

Facebook Paid Out $5 Million in Bug Bounties Since 2011

Whoa. $5 million in bug bounties is a lot of money for a lot of bugs. The scary thing is that it doesn't look like it will be slowing down any time soon. Facebook has paid out more than $611K in the first half of this year alone. eek!

Five years after the launch of its bug bounty program, Facebook says it has paid out a total of more than $5 million to the researchers who have helped the company find and patch vulnerabilities in its systems and products. In its report for 2015, Facebook said it had awarded bounty hunters a total of $4.3 million since the launch of its program in 2011. The total amount has increased considerably since then, with more than $611,000 awarded to 149 researchers in the first half of 2016.