Tuesday October 11, 2016

John Carmack Says VR Devs Are "Coasting On Novelty"

Speaking at the Oculus Connect event, John Carmack said that developers need to push beyond the "novelty factor" in VR games. Carmack also talked about stuff like unacceptable loading times in VR games, saying that long loading times push people away from VR games and apps.

Speaking at the close of Oculus Connect last week, the company's CTO told the crowd that, as a community, VR developers, "need to be harder on ourselves." In particular, he implied that a lot of VR software doesn't offer the same value to consumer as a non-VR experience. "We are coasting on novelty, and the initial wonder of being something people have never seen before," he continued. "But we need to start judging ourselves. Not on a curve, but in an absolute sense. Can you do something in VR that has the same value, or more value, than what these other [non-VR] things have done?"