Monday October 10, 2016

Intel: A Manufacturing Company at Heart

Executive vice president Stacy Smith marks National Manufacturing Day by illustrating Intel’s role among the "12 million engineers, technicians and workers across the United States who design and build everything from jet engines to cars to the Intel silicon that powers our digital world." Smith, who starts this month as Intel’s leader of global sales, manufacturing and operations, writes in Intel Celebrates National Manufacturing Day: "At our core, Intel is a company that invents and manufactures products that change the world for the better.آ  And Intel is unique in the American technology industry. آ آ We are a global company and the majority of our revenue derives from markets outside of the United States.آ  But the majority of our advanced manufacturing and R&D is here, inside the United States."

The U.S. Department of Commerce holds National Manufacturing Day annually on the first Friday of October. The federal agency’s goal is to demonstrate the potential of manufacturing in the 21st century. The federal agency has been leading up to Friday’s events by using its social media channels to highlight workers from across the country (Commerce Department on Twitter, Facebook). Intel shared short biographies of four Intel employees with the Commerce Department.