Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday October 10, 2016

Facebook Accused Of 'Picking And Choosing' Tax Rules

As much as I hate the idea of companies like Apple, Facebook and Google getting away with this stuff, it's not them you should be mad at. It's the governments and politicians that allow these huge corporations to get away with it and why we end up with factually correct statements like this:

"We pay all the taxes that we are required to under UK law." Facebook ended up with an آ£11.3 million ($14 million) tax credit in the U.K. last year, which more than offset the amount it was charged, according to a new company filing, adding to concerns that the social media giant isn't paying enough into the country's coffers. The U.S. social network paid آ£4.1 million in tax to the U.K. in 2015, a sharp rise from the آ£4,327 in 2014 that sparked outrage from campaigners, accounts filed with Companies House showed.