Sunday October 09, 2016

German Lawmakers Vote To Ban Internal Combustion Engine

Germany’s federal council has passed a resolution calling for a ban on new internal combustion engine cars by 2030. Basically, there is a good chance that Germans will have to operate an electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle by then. This accompanies ongoing incentives for switching to pollution-free cars, such as tax credits.

The modern internal combustion engine first came from Germany and now Germany wants to put a nail in its coffin. The Bundesrat has passed a resolution to ban the ICE beginning in 2030. آ…the country’s top legislative body was able to reach a bi-partisan agreement that hopes to allow only zero-emission vehicles on EU roads in 14 years. For the resolution to be instituted across Europe, it will have to be approved by the EU. But according to Forbes, "German regulations traditionally have shaped EU and UNECE regulations."