Sunday October 09, 2016

Galaxy Note Brand Now Damaged Beyond Repair

Hyperbole or truth? After all of the recent incidents with replacement Note 7 units, some think that the product line should just be killed off. For me, the tipping point would be widespread reports of the Note 8 being dangerous as well.

Somewhere between then and now, between the Note 7s exploding and the Note 7s exploding again, trust in not just the product itself but the company as a whole began to wane. I've been witness to casual conversations wherein regular phone-buying customers have expressed reticence to buy another Samsung phone again, period; many of them claim to be moving in the direction of the iPhone 7 Plus, which came out in mid-September and is roughly the same price. Apple will surely benefit from this fallout, but it of course won't be a one-to-one lateral movement; many Note buyers, existing or potential, will find other Android devices to buy, or آ— best case scenario آ— stick with a Samsung Galaxy S7. But it's safe to say that the Note line is practically finishedآ…