Sunday October 09, 2016

Comcast 1TB Internet Cap Is Becoming A Reality

My condolences to Comcast subscribers. The company believes that those who use more Internet data should "pay more" and is implementing a data cap that will begin for many in November.

Comcast has begun the commercial rollout of a usage-based data policy that limits usage to 1 Terabyte (1024 Gigabytes) a month before customers are charged $10 for each additional bucket of 50 Gigabytes. Per the current policy, those overage charges will not exceed $200 each month no matter how much data a residential customer uses. Comcast, which is also giving customers two courtesy months before data overage fees would be applied, stressed that about 99% of its customers don’t use more than 1 TB in a month (with median usage of 75 megabytes).