Saturday October 08, 2016

Sharp Unveils Prototype 27-Inch 8K IPS 326 PPI Display

Sharp is giving us a look at the future of display technology with their new 8K panel, which features a PPI consistent with newer smartphones. Hopefully, you won’t actually need eight DisplayPort cables to power these panels by the time they become affordable and widely available.

News Image

The IGZO display is down at 27-inches, marking a 326 PPI, just hitting at the door of large FHD smartphone displays. The panel is also listed at 1000 nit brightness. But to double down on specifications, the stand listed the display as supporting 120 Hz while in 8K mode, and also supporting High Dynamic Range, or HDR. This requires a large amount of data to be pumped into the display, and as a result a photograph of the rear shows eight separate DisplayPort cables being used in order to give the display the data it needs. 8K120 with HDR is no easy task, suggesting 7680x4320 at 10 bits per color channel (so 30-bit for RGB) at 120 times a second would suggest needing 120 gigabits per second of bandwidth at a minimum (or 15 GB/sec).