Friday October 07, 2016

Panasas and Western Digital Collaborate To Speed Research Discovery

Panasasآ®, the leader in performance scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) today announced its collaboration with Western Digital, to use iRODS (Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System) rules-based open source software to propel data discovery in life science research. The joint solution combines Panasas ActiveStorآ® storage, theآ HGSTآ Active Archive System and iRODS Data Management Software to create an easily managed, high-performance multi-tier storage infrastructure that accelerates and optimizes data access, simulations and data analysis for research organizations working to improve medical discoveries through bioinformatics. Details on the collaboration can be found in the HGST "Speed Research Discovery" use case document.

The rate of progress in life sciences research is accelerating exponentially, leading to important advances that generate آ– and rely upon آ– an ever-expanding mountain of valuable data. Key to accelerating life science application performance is implementing a high-performance data infrastructure that eliminates computing and storage bottlenecks, enables better collaboration and preserves simplicity so researchers can focus their efforts on discovery.